Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Temptations have mad style!

****Way before boys bands sucked, The Temptations were writing the book of smoothness. If you can't put a sound to their music, you can bet it's made you shred the dance floor a few times. Check out how they all have one foot off the ground.


***Mr. Pipline meets hollywood. Circa 1980's.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


***If you have a moment check out the Life Aquatic article I wrote on a trip, Harrison Roach, Kassia Meador, Mike Stewart, Danny Hess, Dan Peterson, Peter Mc Bride, Lyndsey Noyes and Thomas Campbell took for the film of the Present. We surfed our brains out and the article came out looking clean. It's in the most recent issue coming out at the end of April, 2009.


***Our good bud and wonder kid behind the lens, scored himself his first Surfer cover. He's been on a roll since Surfer mag picked him up, keep an eye out for his most recent exploits. Yeeeehheeeeewwwww.


***This is a picture of my buddy Jorg from Germany. Jorg tracked down this love bird at Spyder Surfshop in France and then got in contact with me. He's a legend and we are stoked to have him shredding that beauty.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


***We love dready's. Especially when their cables could quickly double as some mean ass speed bumps. 


This Is from Mr Wizard foot himself, super rad portrait. Thanks ando..... 

Monday, April 27, 2009


**Derek's winning wave. Well done sir.
***The Matuse family was in the house and in full effect. I love seeing these boys all together, look at all that love. Congrats amigo.


****How's this nugget of Mick Hughes and Harrison Roach bring new meaning to a "high five". Photo courtesy of our good mate and one hell of a talented bugger, Dane Peterson....


***Found some random shots from an incognito Alaskan photog on the intranet... Mt. Saint Elias is the tallest coastal mountain range in North America. Surfing underneath it's massive expansive reminded me once again how insignificant and small humans are. All in all one of the most amazing parts of the world I have ever been to.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


***There is some interesting magic spawning from this amazing shape... 
***From ancient prophets, secret society's, to the powers attained through meditation, there is a lot to discover. 
*** This is just the tip of the ice-berg when looking into sacred geometry. Enjoy the rabbit hole.

Cat Head

***This has to be one of my favorite tweaked animal shots. Stolen from the swallow tail society blog. Thanks to whoever made this bit of magic happen.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Dakota Phone Project

***This our great friend Dakota Blair....He's a champ! We met him at school in Santa Cruz and have stayed in touch since via good old snail mail. To our great fortunate Dakota periodically send us epic little mixes, hand made art pieces and other scrap/collage work that always makes our days that much radder. Anyways, we will have a section dedicated to the wonderful pieces of art and mail we receive from this magical man.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Eaton Bonzers for breakfast

**Sick boards, sick dude....


***If you can hold your breathe for 5 minutes, take a punch to the gut from any man and eat nails, you deserve some respect. Child-hood hero...


*The men the myths the legends. Bing Copeland and Rick Stoner talking story, circa 1960...

-Recently I have been blessed to form a friendship with Bing and also get to work on board design under his classic surfboard label. Last month, I was lucky enough to pick Bing's brain while he sipped some tea in his cozy home in Idaho.
*** To read the interview check out------------
*** You can also find his amazing new book at---

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lazy Day Board Art

**Just got a fresh batch of Bing short sticks. Wanted to add a bit of color and also helped me procrastinate a bit more on overdue art projects.**Old Paper bags or junk mail is perfect to cover up various color patterns. All you need to spray is some blue painters tape, a razor, and some paper.
**Wish You didn't have to use spray paint, but it last the longest. This is mid spray.
**Final product, super 80's lovin. Took about 1 hour in all and adds a bit of texture to the canvas. Ciao, Chris 111

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Santa Cruz Blog

Here's some words and photos form our recent trip to Santa Cruz, enjoy.

Road Trip : Santa Cruz ---Part 1

*C-Bird McNanny, Dolce and Blair buzzing out on some Yerba Matte.
* Waves were massive, empty and pumping at Cowell's.......Not......Local legend Steiny helps run a surf program for underprivileged/handicap kids and this was a perfect day to share the stoke. Dan Malloy and friends helped push people into their first few waves.
*Blair's best tree fairy pose...
* This was the highlight of the journey. A rad BigFoot museum, with an epic curator who saw Bigfoot as a kid and has devoted his entire life to better understanding this elusive creature. In case you can't tell, I'm a believer.
*Big Danny Hess and his shape shifting SF mystery bus...

Part 1:
Been stir crazy since my return from Australia. Think it's the lack of surrounding Nature. Lucky for Blair and I, we were invited to a friends B-Day extravaganza up in our old NorCal stomping ground. After packing the Volvo with way too much gear, we hit the road and hit traffic in LA, SB and Santa Cruz. As soon as we made it to town we took a big walk and then went to our favorite tea house spa. If your ever in the SC area and need a warm and relaxing experience, check out Well worth the $35 an hour.

The next morning we met up with child hood friend Colin McNanny and his amazing Panamanian Pitbull, Dolce. We wandered the coast and sipped on some potent Herba Matte. Dolce brought the heat and was running mock ten after other dogs. Such a great spirit. After the morning hang session we rode bikes to the west-side and chilled out at the Farmers Market. If your ever in town and want a cool cultural experience, roll by the new location off Western and the 1. Great produce, live music and amazing people watching.

Colin gave us some great advice and recommended we explore the Fall Creek hike in Felton. Couldn't recommend this hike more for people looking to get lost in a sea of redwoods. The entire hike keeps you along side a river and in the shade of tree's. It's about 6 miles all said and done and there are multiple loops longer and shorter. There was also ruins of an old Limestone kiln, that was impressive, very European. After we played around in the vast groves of nothingness, we made our way back to clean up and get ready to party....

On our way back home, I spotted a Bigfoot museum. With some sweet talking I convinced Blair to stop and check it out. After all I 've been pretty fired up about the whole myth as of late and this was a chance to fully nerd out. The Curators name was Michael Rugg, epic dude, fully committed to the search and had a rad encounter when he was a child. The place was floor to ceiling paraphernalia , maps, castings and photos. Blair had to drag me out of the place by my ear. She puts up with a lot of my weird obsessions, but this one leaves her a bit boggled. All in all the place is well worth the time and $2 donation, if your in the Felton area look them up at

Road Trip : Santa Cruz ----Part 2

* Tommy Guerrero and Gadget spun a web of soul, funk, jazz and hiphop beats for us to jam out to all night long. So good...
*A remote location North of Big Sur and South of SF, offered up some amazing glassy peaks all day, allowing our group to was away the previous night shinanagan's...
* Senior Shredulous-Maximus - Tyler Warren mid moment circular breathing in the midst of a epic little surf jam. Riding a Manny Keel and owning it.
*Jeff Canham, Tyler and amigo. Holding down the chill factor.
* This is a small piece of an epic T.Moe photo piece. Basically, can throw a mean dance party and everyone there was celebrating in fine fashion.

Part 2:
After 2 days of having fun and relaxing in nature, we were pretty keen to attend T.Moe's B-Day bash. It had been along time since Blair and I were able to party with all our old friends in Santa Cruz, so our froth meter was hitting new levels. After our amazing walk in the Fall Creek reserve, we headed to the woods to finds T.Moe and Tiff's love shack. When we arrived at sunset, the place was already swarming with activity. People had come from France, Japan, Hawaii, SoCal, NorCal and all over the states. As expected a ton of our ultra talented and inspiring friends were there and it was great getting to catch up with crew we don't often get to see.
Highlights of the night had to be the amazing potluck that unfolded, Tiff's vegan chocolate cake, the highjinx that went down on the dance floor and the Dolphin shaped cake Alex Kopp's and T.Moe shared.
Another amazing aspect about the party was the full on parking lot scene that happened around the property. Most of the party goers slept in their big white vans, or set up tents in the meadows. The morning after was equally as enjoyable as the night's activity. We ate a communal style breakfast then took the party to a near bye beach. The waves were uncharacteristically glassy all day and there were overhead peaks that littered the beach. Overall it was a perfect day of lounging, laughing and displaying some wicked dance moves on surfboards.
Later that night we met up with Ashley Lloyd and Alex on the East side and had a golden noseride jam. All in all a great trip, surrounded by great people. The drive home took 9 hours, and we clocked 103 degrees in the LA valley. So happy I don't live there. Sparky dickle was stoked when we got home and now we are back into the flow of home.

All the best, Chris 111

Thursday, April 16, 2009


*****Just got back from a cosmic journey down-under. Since my first trip to the East Coast regions in 1999, I've been enamored by the regions waves, landscapes, people and cultural experiences. This years I stayed with good friend and captain of the Gypsy Truck of Truthfullness, Dave Rastovich. Everyday held great surf explorations and lessons in living a balanced life. The best part of our fun and festivities was the fact that we were getting work done at the same time.
Nate Appffel is working on a new film project entitled Lost Prophets, which is panning out to be a wonderful gathering of inspiring people. The project is focusing on a group of freesurfers living on the fringe of the surf world. Brian Conley, Reef McIntosh, the Malloy's, Hans Hagen, Rasta and myself will be featured in the project.
In a nutshell our journey was blessed from the second we touched down to the time I left. Rasta treated us all so well, and could have a successful seppo tour guide business as a retirement plan.
Here are a few photos from the journey and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Lost Prophets film late Summer 2009.

Enjoy, Chris 111

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Up Up & AWAY

Dear fellow Web Heads, I've taken the leap into unfamiliar territory's and hopped on the Blog- Bandwagon. Facebook freaked me out and I'm shocking at keeping my website in order, so I figured this medium could help as an outlet for some surf travels, stories, recent art works and the great randomness of life. Anyways, this is officially the first post, hopefully I'll stay motivated and their will be more to come.

By the way, this was an installation I did at Thalia surf a few months ago. If you have a moment go check them out, good folk, great gear.
All the best, Chris 111