Thursday, April 16, 2009


*****Just got back from a cosmic journey down-under. Since my first trip to the East Coast regions in 1999, I've been enamored by the regions waves, landscapes, people and cultural experiences. This years I stayed with good friend and captain of the Gypsy Truck of Truthfullness, Dave Rastovich. Everyday held great surf explorations and lessons in living a balanced life. The best part of our fun and festivities was the fact that we were getting work done at the same time.
Nate Appffel is working on a new film project entitled Lost Prophets, which is panning out to be a wonderful gathering of inspiring people. The project is focusing on a group of freesurfers living on the fringe of the surf world. Brian Conley, Reef McIntosh, the Malloy's, Hans Hagen, Rasta and myself will be featured in the project.
In a nutshell our journey was blessed from the second we touched down to the time I left. Rasta treated us all so well, and could have a successful seppo tour guide business as a retirement plan.
Here are a few photos from the journey and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Lost Prophets film late Summer 2009.

Enjoy, Chris 111