Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Road Trip : Santa Cruz ---Part 1

*C-Bird McNanny, Dolce and Blair buzzing out on some Yerba Matte.
* Waves were massive, empty and pumping at Cowell's.......Not......Local legend Steiny helps run a surf program for underprivileged/handicap kids and this was a perfect day to share the stoke. Dan Malloy and friends helped push people into their first few waves.
*Blair's best tree fairy pose...
* This was the highlight of the journey. A rad BigFoot museum, with an epic curator who saw Bigfoot as a kid and has devoted his entire life to better understanding this elusive creature. In case you can't tell, I'm a believer.
*Big Danny Hess and his shape shifting SF mystery bus...

Part 1:
Been stir crazy since my return from Australia. Think it's the lack of surrounding Nature. Lucky for Blair and I, we were invited to a friends B-Day extravaganza up in our old NorCal stomping ground. After packing the Volvo with way too much gear, we hit the road and hit traffic in LA, SB and Santa Cruz. As soon as we made it to town we took a big walk and then went to our favorite tea house spa. If your ever in the SC area and need a warm and relaxing experience, check out www.teahousespa.com.... Well worth the $35 an hour.

The next morning we met up with child hood friend Colin McNanny and his amazing Panamanian Pitbull, Dolce. We wandered the coast and sipped on some potent Herba Matte. Dolce brought the heat and was running mock ten after other dogs. Such a great spirit. After the morning hang session we rode bikes to the west-side and chilled out at the Farmers Market. If your ever in town and want a cool cultural experience, roll by the new location off Western and the 1. Great produce, live music and amazing people watching.

Colin gave us some great advice and recommended we explore the Fall Creek hike in Felton. Couldn't recommend this hike more for people looking to get lost in a sea of redwoods. The entire hike keeps you along side a river and in the shade of tree's. It's about 6 miles all said and done and there are multiple loops longer and shorter. There was also ruins of an old Limestone kiln, that was impressive, very European. After we played around in the vast groves of nothingness, we made our way back to clean up and get ready to party....

On our way back home, I spotted a Bigfoot museum. With some sweet talking I convinced Blair to stop and check it out. After all I 've been pretty fired up about the whole myth as of late and this was a chance to fully nerd out. The Curators name was Michael Rugg, epic dude, fully committed to the search and had a rad encounter when he was a child. The place was floor to ceiling paraphernalia , maps, castings and photos. Blair had to drag me out of the place by my ear. She puts up with a lot of my weird obsessions, but this one leaves her a bit boggled. All in all the place is well worth the time and $2 donation, if your in the Felton area look them up at www.bigfootdiscoveryproject.com.