Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Road Trip : Santa Cruz ----Part 2

* Tommy Guerrero and Gadget spun a web of soul, funk, jazz and hiphop beats for us to jam out to all night long. So good...
*A remote location North of Big Sur and South of SF, offered up some amazing glassy peaks all day, allowing our group to was away the previous night shinanagan's...
* Senior Shredulous-Maximus - Tyler Warren mid moment circular breathing in the midst of a epic little surf jam. Riding a Manny Keel and owning it.
*Jeff Canham, Tyler and amigo. Holding down the chill factor.
* This is a small piece of an epic T.Moe photo piece. Basically, T.moe can throw a mean dance party and everyone there was celebrating in fine fashion.

Part 2:
After 2 days of having fun and relaxing in nature, we were pretty keen to attend T.Moe's B-Day bash. It had been along time since Blair and I were able to party with all our old friends in Santa Cruz, so our froth meter was hitting new levels. After our amazing walk in the Fall Creek reserve, we headed to the woods to finds T.Moe and Tiff's love shack. When we arrived at sunset, the place was already swarming with activity. People had come from France, Japan, Hawaii, SoCal, NorCal and all over the states. As expected a ton of our ultra talented and inspiring friends were there and it was great getting to catch up with crew we don't often get to see.
Highlights of the night had to be the amazing potluck that unfolded, Tiff's vegan chocolate cake, the highjinx that went down on the dance floor and the Dolphin shaped cake Alex Kopp's and T.Moe shared.
Another amazing aspect about the party was the full on parking lot scene that happened around the property. Most of the party goers slept in their big white vans, or set up tents in the meadows. The morning after was equally as enjoyable as the night's activity. We ate a communal style breakfast then took the party to a near bye beach. The waves were uncharacteristically glassy all day and there were overhead peaks that littered the beach. Overall it was a perfect day of lounging, laughing and displaying some wicked dance moves on surfboards.
Later that night we met up with Ashley Lloyd and Alex on the East side and had a golden noseride jam. All in all a great trip, surrounded by great people. The drive home took 9 hours, and we clocked 103 degrees in the LA valley. So happy I don't live there. Sparky dickle was stoked when we got home and now we are back into the flow of home.

All the best, Chris 111