Friday, May 8, 2009


Big thanks to our amigo Van for sending me the link to this recent EXPN K.Slater interview and also youtube clip and asking "What is all this crap about Kelly Slater Wave Company and creating NASCAR rings for surfing?I bet there will be a lot of resistance to this idea of competitive made-for-TV ring surfing...what do you think? A liitle bit later I got this smoker as well "I can’t wait for the Home Depot-sponsored pit crews and DirectTV “Toes on the Nose” cockpit view with mph speed readouts!" I'm still digesting the dude talking about all sports needing a vehicle to help the sport grow. So take a looksy into the possibility's of our future.

8. INVENT A SURFABLE WAVE POOLWe need to make wave pools good enough to compete in, and by this summer we'll have them. I'm working on building the best wave pool of all time. Six of us are part of a company, which we're calling Kelly Slater Wave Company. My manager, Bob McKnight from Quiksilver, and a full-time wave scientist who works out of our office in Culver City are also part of it. We've been working on this for more than three years, and we're building our test model in L.A. as we speak. Once we have the technology, we can potentially build these pools all over the world. I'm already thinking ahead, beyond pools, to how we can create a wave-generating system and sink it into lakes, as long as it doesn't screw up the environment. Eventually, I'd love to see a Tour that incorporates a couple of stops on these waves.

We would be able to schedule a contest on Friday at 6 p.m., live on TV. Picture a wave going around in a circle indefinitely. There's a bridge over the wave for viewing, a Plexiglas bottom so fans can watch guys surf above them, and a crow's nest in the middle so people can watch the best guys in the world surf the wave all the way around them. Kids could stand on the edge of the pool and get sprayed by their favorite surfers.