Wednesday, June 24, 2009


***Howie Cooke, Hootch Mc Nootch, Paul Watson, Kylie and Andy Sibling....
***No Capture, No Kill whale mural project in Peniche, Portugal.
***Madeira from our lovely casa on the hill...
S4C team hanging with Captain Paul Watson and scoping his new ship he's adding to the fleet.
***Howie Cooke's whale teepee mural project that's roamed the world.

*****Hello good web-heads. Sorry I disappeared from my blog duties. Been traveling with the Surfers for Cetaceans non-profit organization in Madeira, Portugal for the annual ass backward IWC (international whaling commission) meetings. I flew into mainland Portugal area for a great surf/environment festival & surfing odyssey in the Peniche area. Super honored to have painted a 60 foot whale mural with fellow artist Howie Cooke. Such a great feeling to paint large outdoor murals and have the support of such an amazing group of local beach folk. On top of the painting and educating buzz, the waves were really fun as well. 
After Leaving the mainland we hopped a flight into the island of Madeira. Located just off Morocco's coast, it's a Tahitian style collage of terraced architectural wonders sprawled to and fro. Our first day saw us surfing a slab right under a menacing cliff face that ended up dropping massive car sized chunks of stone, crushing a unoccupied home and crushing multiple cars. 
 Once the IWC meetings started, our crew of S4C members gathered from all angles of the sea. Dave Rastovich, Howie Cooke, Johnny Vasic, Justinn Krumb, Hilton Dawe and John Lawerson have been hustling to keep up with a busy schedule. We have been focusing on educational meetings with school groups, meetings with local fishermen, national parks service, gathering local surfers for protest, painting, and  generally sharing in a passion to stop the killing/capture of whales and dolphins alike. We have a lot of work ahead, Greenland has proposed to kill 10 humpbacks a year for the next 5 years for indigenous right. We are hoping to make a strong presence in front of the meeting halls hoping that the proposed kill will be squashed.

Stay tone for photos and such coming up....

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