Tuesday, July 14, 2009


1. The Infamous Chilean Seabass. Projected to be completely wiped out within the next 5 years. Don't buy it.....
2. The rad little Orange Roughy, lives in deep water along the bottom. Best method for catching it is with a bottom trowler, which roughly equates to clear cutting the sea.
****Just received an email from a friend at Greenpeace. Seems as thought the folks at Trader Joe's aren't respecting our seas and that's a damn shame. It's a bummer that such a large market chain would continue to stock 2 variety of red-list endangered species, 1. Chilean Seabass and the Orange Roughy. So take a moment and sign this little petition that is being sent to the stores higher ups so we can try and say the remaining populations of these amazing sea creatures. Many thanks,

Petition found at - http://www.traitorjoe.com
Chris 111