Saturday, November 7, 2009


Well the journey has concluded and in fine style I might add. We came into Bondi Beach 3 days ago to close to 100 surfers in the oceans waiting for us in the overcast, rainy conditions that guided our paths. It was a surreal beach gathering, speeches, interviews, friends, love etc... That night Billabong rented a fancy - shmancy banquet dealy and we had some good times making music, dancing and generally celebrating a great trip.
I had a hectic flight home, 2 hour delay on run way than 3 hours into the flight we had to turn back to Sydney because of fuel tank issues, once above Sydney we were informed of rain storms and couldn't land in the rain, so we flew to Melbourne. Few more hours in lines, buses and hotels and a few hours sleep. Next morning we left late, funny thing I did my best to see the set-backs as b lessings and I had a great flight surrounded with good people to LA. Drove home, slept 14 hours and now I'm back in the swing of things. All is well.