Thursday, August 26, 2010


**La Combusa Buddha (the Buddha's kitchen) put on a great venue to hang some art, hang with friends and eat some great food.. Many thanks to Simone and Nico for all your help in creating a wonderful night full of love and light...

***My intentions for the evening were to simply have fun and meet new Italian surfers... Well guess other had a similar vision, as over a hundred people crowded the small venue, eating, drinking and arting away for a truly moon powered art show to be remembered.... Thanks to all that came and added your great vibes and jives.
***Actually hard for me to put into words how magical this creature is.... Truly a people person, full heart powered and one hell of a good friend. Also about the best curator to date, sold the entire show out with the wave of his magic wand... Thank you Nico, I'm so blessed to have run into all those years ago at Cardiff reef.. Once again the sea provides infinite blessings.
***These are Nico's gifts and also the new logos for the Sunset Cafe 2011... The Wind and waves on the left will work perfect for the overall feel of a magical place where friends and strangers mix...
****Hanging the show... Always a pleasure..