Monday, August 9, 2010


***Colin Whitbread is one hell of a human and great artist to boot.

***Brandon Lomax, bringing good energy to all his surroundings. Great work at
***Renata showing off her team spirit.

***Batman's hacky sacking counter part Robin.
***Stone cold NYC, Christine.
***Delta sucks, Leah Dawson is full of life. ***Above the one and only, Kassia Meador.

***Class act, Laurent.

***As French as they come. Sasha of La Fem. So Cool.
*** The love song maker, Travis Meador.

***The ever punky and spunky Jen Lynn Smith. Tapping in.

***The lovely Alice of Spyder Surf.

***Captain bung eye. Thomas.

***Lena, uber french styles

***Panda and Kass pash.

***Miss Margo De La Rouse