Sunday, August 8, 2010


Apologies for the slack entry's as of late. Been far from internet usage and absolutely engulfed in the moment... Currently in Italy loving life. I'll do my best to catch up with the happenings.. If you are reading this I'm sending love and light as usual... 111

***Biarritz swimming hole... Low tide escape from the madness. Just around the corner form nowhere... Super beauty
***Lonely wandering hole. So needed this nature. Smelled like fertility maximus
**Colin and I scoped a great bodysurf wedge and than bathed in the madness of the Grand Plage. Thousands of cultures mixing in a twist of beach towels, umbrellas and noise. Strangely enough I felt so calm this day. Loved the buzz.
***This day was extra special, spent it with scout, and a amigo scoping old WW2 war barracks left by the Nazi's. They litter the beach's of France and Colin loves him some war story. This particular spot was incredible because you could still go inside all the rooms, open steal doors, experience the vantage points and ultimitley be in the darkness as well as heaviness of the locations. Over the course of hanging with Colin he gifted me with such great info on world history and how the world has weaved its way around such incredible actions of the past. To say the least I learned more in a few weeks than my entire high school experience.
***Scoped this from a far. As legend has it the house tucked just behind the dunes is haunted and something about this creeped me out as well... Overall France was magic. Lots of classic sights, smells and experiences I will not soon forget.