Tuesday, February 22, 2011


(((Just surfaced from an amazing 4 day trek into the Colca Canyon... Woww. Such an amazing location, its a bread winner and known as the deepest canyon in the world. Twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. If your ever in this area, I highly recommend you take the 3 day hike down into the bowles of the canyon. Our first day was spend desending for 5 hours and ending up on a cliff side village with an amazing hotspring next to the river. Such a treat for sore knees. The sleep was like being under a water fall. The next day was a bit of a slow wake and than a 3 hour straight up hill trek through 3,000 year old terraced cliff'side gardens full of fruit trees and cactus fruit. After we hit the pinnacle of exhaustion we faced the most beautiful view up the canyon, where only foot will get you. The gods blessed us with a trail that takes top honors as best trek of my life. It cuts across a 3 thousand foot cliff line through above the muddy river. Pachimama blessed us with the ability to feel as the ancients, fly with the condors and leave out meandering minds for a while and be deep withinh the power of this incredible place. After a long descent we reached the Oasis town and accomidations, complete with pool of sacred water for soar bones and our favorite soups of the trip. The moon was full and I didn´t sleep a wink, felt like my mind was plugged into a power cord. The next morning we woke at 5 am for the long days upward climb. It was a 4,000 foot straight vertical goat trail that took us 2 hours to complete. Not sure where the power or determination came from but it wasn´t possible to stop becuase out legs would freeze up. The views were breathtaking, the blood pulsing through our heads was intense and the feeling of satisfaction at the top of the hill was up there with riding big waves. blessed we are. off to bolivia tomorrow to the highest lake on earth for more exploration into the sacred beauty and power of this land. be well.. 111