Monday, March 28, 2011


Matuse-California Day from Matuse Inc. on Vimeo.

***Big thanks to the Matuse crew for all the amazing rubber, support and creative endeavors.

Boards ridden

1. 5'10 quad, prototype
2. 3'11 Speed Square twin fin mach 7-x inspired design


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fighting Fevers and dreaming of California Surf Now

Hola, its early, early enough for a few random dog fights, a rooster or two silence from the passing cars for a moment, finally. Lake Titticaca wasamazing, such a powerfulhigh altitude experience. We took a 3 dollar, 2 hour ferry to the North Side of the lake that is commonly referred to as el Norte. Once there we rolled stright intoa hippy compound, with dreads, basket weaving and mate drinkers galore. Our view looked out over the coveand the massive amounts of South American Hippy´s camping on the beach for 75 cents a night. The walk to the near bye rouines took us through a maze of pig farms, women washing themselves and their clothing in fresh streams ragging from the nightly storms that slam this area this time of year. Word to the wise even though its summer, becuase of the high altitudes and winds that whipp it is really cold, come prepared! The next morning we climbed to the topof themountain and embarked on a 4 hour hike with all our gear and sickness settling down. It was Maggi´s birthday so we powerfed.What a great trail, you basically tight rope walk across the ridge of sacred routines, sacrifice locations, small mountain communitys and herds of sheep being herded by larger amounts of wild childrem asking for candy or a photo.Once the hike was done, my fever spiked, luckily we wouldan amazing hotel overlooking thelake and rested all day.We decided to makeout move back to Peru asMachu Pichu is calling us.After a 2hour ferry, 3 hour bordercrossing bus, we made it to Puno, fever spiked again and I have just awokefeeling much better.My mom said she sent healing energy my wa and I felt it all night as I toosed and turned, sweated and when into my wild state of dream land. We are embarking on a bus to Cuzco in 1 hour for 6 hours and hoping to find a cozy place to heal so we can climb those magic mountinas.

awe yes, Matuse put thgis amazing little webisode together from a day in California.I love traveling but I love home so much as well. I miss dickles, the food and the my amazing bed.


Till next time. Big love, Chris 111