Monday, April 16, 2012


*** Had the honor of working with Nathan Oldfield for his upcoming film "The Heart & The Sea... Had a magical eve at the Pass, solar fade with moon rise and perfect shimmering log jamming.. Here's a quick little moment caught in time


*** The crew were in the flow, we headed north in the the van and landed at Soul's and Lisa'a compound. The morning brought a body womping shore pound then straight to the point breaks. As we prayed to the parking ferries, 2 spots opened up and gave us entry to the green playground. Right as we stopped the Wegener family appeared with a mixed bag of boards and stoke. We all shared the afternoon, celebrating Tom's latest designs, Finley's progress in riding the sea and the beautiful little green zippers that ran down the high tide cove. The spirits were high, music flowed through the eve until we found a cozy place for our sore bodies to lie and rest. Gratitude to Australia for bringing the right energy's together at the opportune moments.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


***Big thanks to Kyle Chambers and Matt Calvani for creating this little piece and working with what the sea provided...


Lightening storms away in the distant sky
A brain of energy swells
The sea pulses love and energy for our pleasure
Life is full of suprises
Life on the farm is simple and powerful
Active minds gather to celebrate the season
Cold front comes with the morning light show
Environmnetal thoughts of yester year and the future ahead.
Brother coming from a far
Adventures galore

Monday, April 2, 2012

LIGHT WAVES - Cultural Learning's of Australia

AUSTRALIA ( part 1 )

Home away from home
Sand groomed by the seas
Love on land
Love in the water
Infinite rain, then vibrant sun
Friends and family
Outer limits thoughts
Reconnection to the second hand book store
Magic everywhere
Longing for Dickles
Markets with Maggi
Surf crafts and sore arms
Smiles and food
Big stars