Monday, July 2, 2012


Arrived with all the luggage and ready to team up with Sea Shepherd, Women For Whales and our faithful S4C crew. Coming into a city on friday night is always wild, party vibes, no parking and big noise filled the air. As the dust settled the locals have been great in helping us organize, reach the community and even find some waves :) Today marked the first of the meetings, unfortunately something I ate lat night destroyed my stomach and I have had to retreat to my bed for the afternoon... Also just got word the promising South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary did not pass by 1 vote... Ahhhhhhhhhhh, doing my best to remain positive, but bottom line is its time for a victory for the whales. The Latin NGO's and people around the world put their heats and souls into this campaign and now they must regain momentum and try again. Much more to come, swells on the way and loads of deligations. Keep you posted on all.... Aloha, Chris 111