Thursday, March 4, 2010


***My Mom loves taking photos and sharing them with me. Every time I receive them I feel gratitude for having such an amazing family to share my life with. My Mother is the rock, grounded, supportive of her loved one's and such an incredible healer in so many ways. My Dad Len is the man, he's consistent, funny, has the work ethic of a racehorse and would do anything for his family at any time no questions asked. Last but not least my 11 year old little sister Cassidy is our families pride and joy. She is sweet, understanding, creative and so wise beyond her years. In so many ways I am taught by the purity of her being and her ability to grow so gracefully. I can't forget Oreo, the ball crazy madman always ready to buggy and steal a face lick when you least expect it. I am a lucky man.