Thursday, August 11, 2011


***Turbulent sky's above Las Vegas

--- Last time I checked in I was on a bender, moved all my trinkets and collectibles into storage... Packed a few clothes, art supplies, 3 beautiful sleds and hit he road with my lovely lady. The rest of this post are highlights of the adventures through the European life and all part of the journey that inspires creativity.

Wishing you all love and light 111
***A motor bike, sky light and a few hundred flashes, good way to spend 16 hours in Paris on route to Jersey.
*** Came straight into the 1st annual international whale celebration, had a beautiful paddle out with local crew and than a great day of painting. Howie and Ines busy at work.
**Local great Gordon, putting his brilliant quiver of Bing's to a parking lot show. Great surfer, farmer and bloke.
***What a great year for NGO's to make some noise. From day one to the end we held the line, protesting, singing our protest songs, passing on information and activating the local community. By the end of day one the police were on our side and supported us in some naughty behavior directed at international whale killers.
***Power of the people.
**Rick Jones is a monster music maker, Howie was he catalyst of our songs and inspiration and I was really happy to have a drum donated for the cause... Whale freedom, no killing, no capture.