Thursday, August 11, 2011


***Biarritz is cozy
***Vegetarian delights
***Tudor stopped bye and as usual it was some great story time.
*** So good
*** I worked these fries up all year as the best ever! Luckily Maggi agreed

***Core s air surf shop in Saint Jean Luis has an unreal selection of fine surf boards.
***Great event at Spyder surf shop in Montelivet, such good Bing love. Really a great crew on hand
*** This kid was of few words, but had many powers. His Dad was a gypsy shaper and I love this photo.
***Matt and Philippe are like brothers. They have fun and this photo is a perfect representation of that... thanks for all your help Phillipe, your the man.

***Regardless of what's been said about the French, France is a magical place. In fact I love it. The people are kind, food is good and nature is beautiful. Maggi and I arrived early to scope the famous markets, eat the best pomme frites in the world and meander in the lovely hippy vibes of Montelivet. Bing Copeland, Matt and Margaret calavani and Tom Moss came the next day and spent the first night in fine style. Wine, food and laughs. We made our way around the country, through Biarritz and our pal Dou Dou. All in All France treated us to its fine styles and summer wanderings.