Friday, July 3, 2009


Feels good to be back home. Now that I'm back and internet is easy, I'll do my best to share a few of the key highlight of the Surfers For Cetaceans IWC efforts from the front lines of the 61st meeting in Madeira, Portugal.

1. The Cove- Saw the premier of this movie with a select crew of S4C members and a packed house. This movie touched me in so many ways, from the graphic images of the annual Japanese dolphin hunts, to the story line behind flippers original trainer and the astounding facts behind the live dolphin trade. There are so many wrong doings surrounding this issue it keeps me up at night. After experiencing the full emotional potency of the project I am confident this project is a beacon of light in exposing the terrible secrets of this bloody trade.
If you have a moment please visit their website to learn more about facts about the dolphin hunts and movie showing.

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The only way this will stop is for the world to know the truth.