Friday, July 3, 2009


After seeing "The Cove" movie premier the wind in my sails were fairly flattened. As with so many other times in my life the sea stepped into play a pivotal role in my physical and emotional balancing the next morning. After a early morning radio interview, we offered the opportunity to take the entire S4C team out on a whale/dolphin watch tour. Withing minutes of putzing around out sea our group was surrounded by a massive group of Atlantic spotted dolphins as well as common dolphin. They were moving at high speeds and in hot prosuite of a few females in the group for a bit of sea love. The group went really mellow soon there after and we were allowed to hang from the boats rope lines 3 at a time and experience their magic from under water. The visibility was hundreds of feet and the sounds exchanged from the pod was pure magic. At one point I surrounded by 8 or so playful creatures making eye contact and fully showing off for me. This experience only solidified my willingness to do whatever it takes to help preserve their rights within the sea.
After we left Madeira and headed for the Azores, we all dreamt of experiencing Sperm Whales first hand. As luck had it on our 3rd day of the trip we organized a trip and found a pod of whales moseying south bound with gentle currents. The pod consisted of 6 adults protecting one playful calf. The Calf breached three times and would periodically swim towards our idol boat. So powerful. These whales have to be the most unique and interesting species next to the Narwhal. The experience was a dream come true and our group was happy to spend quality time within a once whale hunting port, turned full blown whale loving tourism destination.