Friday, May 1, 2009


***Can't say how stoked I am about the positive feed back from the new blog. Case in point, our good friend, Cali native Byron Bay transplanter Steve Barilotti sent this selection of epic images from his most recent adventures in lala land. Enjoy
***Here's' what Steve had to say about his new Sea board, "The tangerine-flake baby is my my new DT nasal slide vehicle". Prefect place for such a beauty.
****Sandy Balls.
**** Rasta knocks my lights out while trying to give Hilton Dawe a extra Socal-ish knuckle job. This picture was taken at our favorite eatery in Byron bay, named the Cardamon Pod, it's right next to the organic donut house. So good.      Thanks for the pic's Steve...See you soon.