Tuesday, May 5, 2009


*** Yup, I'm on another crazy tangent. This sessions interest, SWINE. Can you blame me, seems like everyone's freaking about the swine flu and the fat little critters are getting more attention than ever before. So I figured I would get to know some bad-ass pig folk-lore.
 Turns out in a land far away, there is a community that really cares about who has killed, or raised the largest pig in the world. 
So picture #1. Is the Infamous Hogzilla, was killed in Georgia and scientists confirmed that Hogzilla actually weighed 800 pounds (360 kg) and was between 6.9 foot (2.1 m) and 8.6 foot (2.6 m) long.
Picture #2. Has a ton of debate around because it was allegedly shot by 11-year old boy by the name of Jamison Stone. It is said to have been a 1,051 lb. wild feral hog. The pig was supposedly over 10' 7" . But the story seems fishy.
3. Picture #3- Shows how photos can be manipulated to make things appear larger than they really are.

*****And finally after wasting way to much time on such matters, I found out that the "The world record for the heaviest pig so far is held by Big Bill, owned by Elias Buford Butler of Jackson, Tennessee. It was a Poland China breed of hog that tipped the scales at 2,552 lb (1,157 kg) in 1933."